Premier Electric: A Tradition of Customer Service

Thank you for visiting our website. Premier Electric has been Southwest Florida's largest electrical contractor for the last 16 of the 20 years that we have been in business. We have been ranked in the top 5 of all electrical contractors based in Florida by several industry publications. We are proud of our growth, and it wouldn't have been possible without dedicated employees and loyal customers. We hope you will give us a chance to show you how we are different.

We are Different from Your Typical Electrical Contractor?

Why, because we do things differently. To start with we use Electrical Engineers to do our estimating, project management, design, and value engineering. This makes a difference when your jobs are complex. If you are a developer building an office building, shopping center, rental complex or any type of project, let us show you how to install the most efficient electrical system, that doesn't waste labor while being installed, and saves energy for years to come, with our green building techniques. Our electrical engineers will be glad to do the electrical engineering and stamp and seal the plans for you too. When we do the design, the savings are built-in.

We have our own in house, UL Listed Fire Alarm Division. We prefer to perform all of this work in house, so we can control the quality and the sequencing of the work. We do the design, drawings and handle all of the permitting too. Our engineers are fire alarm experts.

We also have or own high end Audio/Video Division. We excel at this highly technical work. Our sound engineers typically specify all of the audio, video and lighting controls, and then our experts install it all. If you need the best in security and surveillance systems, our experts will spec it out and install it. Best of all we will be there to warranty it and maintain the system years down the road. Some of the top brands we sell are Crestron lighting and audio controls, Runco plasmas, JBL Synthesis speakers, James Loudspeakers, GE Security products, Panasonic, and many others.

Constant Innovation

At Premier “Quality is the Difference” and that quality is achieved through state of the art processes executed by the most talented people. We have perfected the art of mass production for complex multi-family and hotel construction. We buy material in bulk quantities. We then prepackage all of the material, using our own, in-house assembly line supply operation. To save on waste and field labor, we pre-cut all of the wires with high-speed reel machines, then we count out all of the screws, wire nuts and other small parts using electronic scales. We then package all of it together and ship the sealed containers to our jobsites, in our own trucks, to assure on time delivery.

Give us a call, once you have tried us, hopefully you will be a Loyal Customer too.

Whether your building a shopping center, office building, condominium project, rental project, industrial complex, an entire neighborhood, or a large custom home, the electrical craftsmen at Premier Electric have the skills to meet any need, the experience to exceed your expectations, and the reputation to back it up.

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